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We are Professional Career Leaders and Resume Key-Word Rich Consultants at a very good resume price for all your career needs.

        Hire a professional resume writer

                     All resumes are $200

                     Cover letters are $50

                     and career coaching

Planning and executing your successful writing strategies for your professional résumé by making Razor Résumé the prime candidate for you and all your résumé needs.

LinkedIn Profile Coaching and Re-Writing $75

                    Phone Career Coaching or

           Screen Share LinkedIn Coaching or

         Using Twitter For Finding Jobs Fast

                                 $65 per/hour

                       What we do in our strategic planning for you

                         (what we like to do in every resume for you)

          Developing a résumé package that fits your career  needs and goals

              PAYPAL OFFERS 6-MONTH

                       BILLING OPTIONS

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We also take all major credit cards including  American Express. 

Leveraging your well-written résumé and cover letter to develop results for your industry market.

Contact us directly by phone or email.  You can speak to either Rita or Jason about your resume writing needs.


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NOTE: we can write your Federal Job resumes USAJOBS.GOV, Ph.D., M.D., medical residents, senior executives (CEO and CMO), regional directors, professionals with advanced degrees (Master's and above) for a small additional charge. Please call 1800-818-1355 for the specifics.  


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Strategic planning for career goals sometimes can be a long process and take months of preparation, but a well-written résumé and cover letter will help that process become easier.  So in today’s fast-paced world, a concise well-written résumé is your key tool for interviews and job offers. 

                 What we like to do in every resume for you

   +  Developing a resume package that fits your career needs and goals.

   +  Brainstorming and writing collaboratively with you on your résumé.

   +   Leveraging your well-written résumé and cover letter to develop results
         for your industry market.


We will help you with the exceptional networking skills that are so needed in this current economy. 

We at have created strong relationships with many industries by positively positioning our company professionals in many businesses and network contacts in the U.S. and globally to advance your career search. 

Excellent track record of success is our goal for your résumé writing campaign and had achieved outstanding return on investment for you over the years at RésuméDuck.  Ask us any question to start the road to your career-story.