World Class Résumé Service


Every package has cover letters with mixing of other program offers of a biopage.  Please call or email  for pricing as each project is done uniquely at the middle manager and above (3-5 years). 

We have diverse packages for you from CEOs, lawyers, CSRs, and even cocktail waitresses!

    + Entry-Level and College Grads resume (1-2 years experience)

    + Mid-Level resume (3-5 years experience)
    + SVP, VP and Management resume

    + Lawyers and Paralegals CV

    + MD, nurses, NP, LPN resume

    + CEO and SVP, and leadership roles CV


    Other resume menu items below that we do at additional cost.

    + International CV Formatting: Asian and European

    + Salary Histories

    + Professional Contacts

    + Thank-You Notes

    + Career Assessments 

    + Personal Statements

    + Networking Skill Development

    + Industry Research & Key-Words

    + Personal Website Development: sample link

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